Lavender Tea Tree Botanical Hand Cleanser

Lavender Tea Tree Botanical Hand Cleanser

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Botanical Water Free Hand Cleanser
Removes Germs Naturally!

Tea tree, lavender, citrus, and herbs? Believe us, you'll be swooning at the first sniff. Our hand cleanser takes a botanical punch to germs and grime. And no need to grab for the hand lotion after you spray, our proprietary blend with aloe leaves your skin moisturized.

DIRECTIONS: Keep your hands free from germs with this botanical based all-natural hand cleanser. Spray on hands, rub together and wipe with microfiber cloth (or air dry).

INGREDIENTS: Oregon Lavender Hydrosol, Organic Aloe, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Lemongrass Essential Oil , Organic Lemon Essential Oil, Sage Essential Oil, and other proprietary blend of germ fighting essential oils.

SCENT: Lavender, Tea Tree, Citrus

Why Go All-Nurturals?

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Owner Elizabeth, has been in the cleaning industry for over 20 years and understands first hand what homeowners need for a toxin-free, spotless clean.

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